Château du Mourre du Tendre

«Following up 7 generations of passion»

Emblematic wine : Plan de Dieu Cuvée Jacques Paumel

Château du Mourre du Tendre is a family property bringing together 7 generations of passionate winemakers. It is located in the heart of Provence in Courthézon, halfway between Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Orange.
Paul - son of Florence and grandson of Jacques - has taken over the family property in 2013. He now continues the family adventure with a sense of excellence inherited from his grandfather.
The cellar itself is constantly being transformed and modernized.
The Paumel family has always kept away from conventional winegrowing, Jacques Paumel actually being an early pioneer in reasoned agriculture.
The estate promotes mechanical soil operations.
Our main values are respect for the land and search for balance and elegance.

Paul Vérité-Paumel

Château du Mourre du Tendre